Architectural Digest Show Trends and Styles – By Diane Lemonides

The intertwined trends of home fashion lent their voices in harmony.

at the 2019 AD show in NYC on Pier 94. The soothing notes of green echoed loud and clear as I walked the aisles of this years’ show. Each aisle showcased the world’s leading home and design brands from Bosch, Compass Security, Gaggenau, Graff, and JennAir, to the best of show winner, Opiary.  The green notes of the flora and fauna were amplified by fiber and texture tones.  Matte black and gold, soft textures, and flat grays added a counterpoint of sophistication.

There was an overall sense of subtle refinement. The textures and shapes were silky, organic, visually clean, and classic.  This theme was pervasive and was expressed in the walls, sculptural elements, cabinetry, tables, and counter surfaces.  An outstanding example was the metal sculpture tree from Compass Iron Works, which captured the essence of nature in the inanimate.

In summary, the show was all about nature delicately embodied indoors.

Shiny, ornate and bright are trends of yesterday.   Welcome to the new age of balance, composure, and elegance in the home and living.

By- Diane Lemonides

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