Compass Ironworks provides the ultimate in design, security, rigidity and long-term value.

Elegant Custom Railings

Railings are an important function for safety and to meet code compliance for local community and state requirements. Architects and designers utilize these as a strategy to accentuate their design statement. Done correctly, stair railings can provide peace and harmony in the architectural environment.

A wide host of materials are available, from traditional wrought iron railing to contemporary polished brass handrail to a solid welded aluminum spiral staircase, there is a diversity of design expression possible utilizing metal. The correct finish can enhance any exceptional design, creating visual synergy in the built space.

By using contemporary aircraft grade aluminum alloys, we can provide deck railing that is indistinguishable from old wrought Iron railing yet has the non-corrosive properties that can withstand the elements for decades.

The possibilities for expression in Iron stair railing are enormous. Metal porch railing can be forged into various shapes and masses, turned into innumerable designs and textures. Compass Ironworks can work closely with you and your design team to create the impression that you want your beautiful stair and deck railing to convey.