Exterior Design Railing Gallery

Exterior railings offer beauty and security for pedestrians as they traverse terraces, walkways, stairs, decks... and the list goes on. And, due to ironwork's diversity in design, it can be made attractive in a large range of settings while fulfilling code requirements for the people it protects.

Architects, designers, and homeowners are constantly searching for railing designs that fit with their client's needs and desires; and the opportunities are endless! From the change in material, to the change in material mass and dimension, to the custom color(s) that can be introduced; the opportunity for a perfect alignment with a client's taste IS out there with a little work.

Wrought iron railing has been in vogue for many centuries and will continue to be viewed and admired for centuries to come. Whether for a modern terrace railing at a residential estate or ornamental railings for an upscale restaurant, exterior railings can be used as statement pieces in any environment; and in any era. Additionally, ornamental iron railings can outlive its designer, creator, and clientele many times over as it provides exquisite beauty to a property.



A successful executive was building a new home in central Virginia. He wanted custom railing designs that accentuated the beautiful property and all the stonework original to the property. After reviewing wrought iron railing designs with the architect and client, we developed a fairly straightforward aluminum railing design, and added some ovals to tie in with some architectural design elements.