Compass has won numerous Top Job Awards from the NOMMA (National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association) — a contest that invites national and international participants to enter their best projects and compete for Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards in various categories. The competition is judged by peers in the ironworks community and is a true reflection of craftsmen judging craftsmanship.

Compass Ironworks first entered the Top Job Competition in 2013 and won two awards. A hiatus followed in 2014. We returned in 2015 to win another two awards. In 2016, Compass won Gold, Silver and Bronze as well as best of the best — The Mitch Heitler Excellence in Craftsmanship Award. This is the contest where all the Gold Awards are scrutinized by a jury that determines the best project. Compass won the award from replicating 14 security doors from Italy dating back to 1762. Extreme details for forging the scrollwork, hinges, latches, the doorframe and the glass panel were paramount to the husband and wife team. The attention to detail, and high caliber of craftsmanship, are what grabbed the attention of the jurors and why they awarded Compass the highest award achievable in the world on metal craftsmanship.