A couple was building an upscale custom New Jersey home, and loved antiques and Wrought Iron, especially Old Wrought Iron railing created by America’s Most Celebrated Artist Blacksmith, Samuel Yellin. They originally pursued some of Samuel Yellin’s original Wrought Iron Railing designs, but then came up with their own custom wrought iron stair railing design.

Interior Railing Gallery

For centuries, Wrought Iron Railings have displayed their owners personalized expression of taste. Custom railing designs have graced exceptional homes in Europe, New Jersey, New York, Florida, California and beyond for decades, generations and centuries.

While design styles ebb and flow, the timelessness and character exuded by custom metal railings is unparalleled by any other material in the world. Utilizing Iron, stainless, bronze or aluminum, designers and clients are placing their signature design stamp on buildings everywhere with finesse, and providing rigidity to meet building codes and safety to prevent injury from falling off of elevated walking surfaces.