Testing Labs

For us to have the assurance that we are absolutely providing the best value to our clients in Wrought Fence, stair railing, iron gates and iron sculpture, we really wanted information on actual longevity.

Longevity Assurance

We created our own test lab and conducted reviews periodically. First one was to guide us on the best finish for a project such as a spiral staircase, poolfence or house railing at the shore, subjected to harsh salt air elements.

We looked at what the finishing industry uses, ASTM B-117 is a salt spray chamber and exposure is measured in hundreds of hours to achieve AAMA-2603, AAMA 2604 or AAMA-2605 ratings. Ocean salinity is typically 35%, our salt spray salinity runs slightly higher. Additionally we have added UV exposure and temperature variation to increase the lab credibility.

To meet the requirements, you need the following hours:

  • AAMA-2603 – 1,500 hours
  • AAMA-2604 – 3,000 hours
  • AAMA-2605 – 4,000 hours
Spiral Stair Transition on Shore Front Railing


Some of our test pieces have demonstrated finish longevity in excess of 30,000 hours! We are thrilled with the results and it gives us peace of mind that we really are providing the best product for the design/build community.



For years, we were building visually stunning driveway gates, and utilizing industry standard Iron gate hinges. We were dissatisfied with the quality of the hinges, they just did not match the top caliber of our driveway gates.

So we did some research, talked to others in the industry and they recommended polymer bearings. But we still did more research and ended up designing our own 100 year hinge. The goal was for the hinge to last a century!

We set up the test lab and had the 3 gate hinges advanced polymer, industry standard and our 100 year hinge. With automated air cylinders and cycle counters, we tested the hinges, rain or shine, snow and ice, hot or cold, 24/7: The advanced polymer was the first to fail at 108,000 cycles. The industry standard hinge failed at 150,000 cycles. Our 100 year hinge went to 450,000 cycles, But it gave us tremendous insights on the demands and strain that a driveway gate hinge is subjected to. We were able to do additional engineering on our 100 year hinge. The focus then became a Million cycles-zero maintenance. And if a cycle is worth a dollar, we will then have a “Million Dollar” hinge. We restarted testing and the hinge went for 815,389 cycles. We were happy, but not satisfied. We are in the process of reengineering to do further testing. Meanwhile, we have a hinge that will outperform industry standard by 500% and provide clients with the best driveway gate hinges for less strain on automatic gate openers.