Green ironwork? Yes, indeed. All the solid bar material we use in our projects is on average 97.7% recycled content. Some of our contemporary alloys have 100% recycled content. By using recycled and repurposed material, we can reduce our carbon footprint and turn that old clunker in the garage or the noisy refrigerator from someone’s basement into a beautifully handcrafted work of wrought iron sculpture or art.

Our powder coating system is also eco-friendly. It releases zero VOCs into the environment. The spraying process is more that 99% efficient and all over-spray can be cleaned up and reused. Our facility exceeds EPA and DEP requirements.

In the Old Order Amish tradition, our entire manufacturing facility is completely independent of the electrical grid. We create all the power we use, employing plant-based, bio-diesel whenever possible to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. We have also just engineered a first-time-ever system using cooling water and exhaust heat. We run it through an exchanger to make the shop floor toasty warm, further reducing our fossil fuel dependence.

Additionally, the majority of our team members utilize a carpool, minimizing usage and cost of the planet’s resources.