Case study of a New Jersey seaside retreat where the extended family could spend weekends together, relaxing by the pool. The perimeter fence kept out unwanted intruders from this private have, but just as importantly kept burglars away from the families prized art collection. The property fence met all the applicable building codes to prevent accidental death by drowning. However, there was a much bigger challenge.

Shore Gallery

For centuries, the luxury of having a waterfront residence has always been coveted. Panoramic views of the sea with its white capped waves and glistening surfaces can have soothing effects for many individuals and offer that special place where entire families make memories that last a lifetime.

While these properties are beautiful, the elements are harsh and can be devastating to incorrect materials or improper finishes. At Compass Ironworks, we have many years of experience building terrace railing designs, pool fence and estate gates utilizing structural aircraft grade aluminum and marine grade castings. And complete with an in-house blast, pre-treat and powder-coat system, these projects have demonstrated to provide excellent client value.

The powder-coat finish process was strategically developed, utilizing an Eco-friendly approach that has been tested to 30,000+ hours in the salt spray chamber. To date, projects have been installed up and down the New Jersey coast, with the highest concentration in Longport, Margate and Ventnor. A water front home in California has stair railing and terrace railing built by Compass Ironworks!