Balcony Railing Gallery

Balcony Railings remain as relevant in traditional and classical architecture as ever. Prestigious balcony railing designs, strategically placed, grace affluent architecture everywhere and architects and designers are constantly adding “salt and pepper” to the spice of their architecture with various balcony railing designs.

Not only do balcony railings increase visual harmony, there is also the luxury of added space that a master bedroom balcony, or a library balcony adds. That special space to step outside, relax with a cup of coffee and view the panorama of the outdoor setting. Balconies can provide that special space for personal reflection and inspiration. Or it can be the intimate setting for the next Romeo and Juliet!

Wrought Iron Balcony railing designs are infinite with intricate scrolls and flowers or including design elements from the architecture, these balcony railings are a design opportunity to take architecture to the next level. Even simple straight bar balcony railing designs can elevate visual appreciation. The added dimension of a subtle belly railing design is both appealing to the design eye and gives the feeling of additional balcony space.

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At the initial design meeting in Moorestown, NJ the client stated she wanted a balcony railing design. Upon being show standard balcony railing designs, she wanted something that was more “feminine” in design. With some design dialogue, this balcony railing design was selected. However, the initial railing design had some code issues, and design considerations had to be made to meet code but still have the balcony railing design be visually pleasing.