This was the home that Philadelphia Mainline architect John Torre Windham built for himself in 1911. He constructed an addition in 1924. The current owners of the property started a renovation in 2011, 100 years after it was originally built.

Historic Replication Gallery

Studying the work of past masters like Samuel Yellin and Cyril Colnik, it is little wonder that even today, 100 years after their work was created, people are still awed and inspired by the talent and craftsmanship of their creations — interior design railings, elegant balcony railings, stunning property fences and wrought iron gates.

With today’s heightened interest in classical architecture and the craft of forging wrought iron, the demand for replicating some of their beautiful craftsmanship is as high as ever. At Compass, we’ve done extensive research into the techniques of this incredible craftsmanship and have the developed those skills so we can replicate even the most challenging projects from history. We utilize the best suitable alloys and proper finishing specifications in order to provide the best creation for each and every client.