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Refurbishing a classic Yellin Gate

In 1908 Samuel Yellin hand-forged a beautiful set of Iron gates for the editorial offices of Lea and Febiger Publishers in Washington Square Philadelphia. Ever since then, these gates have expressed their beauty for all that pass by. In 2016, Compass Ironworks was contacted to refurbish these Yellin Masterpieces. Locks Gallery, the building owner, was…

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Very Edgy 6 flight switch back stair, built in 75 days!

A Client, designer, and builder were creating an exceptional home on a waterfront property. Initially, there were a few design ideas for wooden stairs, some with glass rail, but they just didn’t have the design, the character the client wanted. Meanwhile, the rest of construction was moving along, framing was completed and in the mechanical…

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Wonderful Weekend at Compass

On June 17th Friday evening, we at Compass Ironworks opened our doors for the Client Appreciation Dinner. The tour started in the gallery area, view the plaques and awards including the 2016 Mitch Heitler Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship, the highest award achievable globally in our industry. Next, we viewed the Samuel Yellin gates, originally built…

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