Exterior Railing that Accentuates the Architecture

Clients were building their dream home on their wooded lot in the Mainline Philadelphia area. They had need for extensive stair and terrace railings. They explored material and design options by browsing through many railing pictures. They choose custom-forged solid aluminum pickets for the strength and rigidity, plus the elegance and character they provided without compromising the panoramic view from their terrace.

The other challenge was the mounting of the railing to the tapered and uneven proposed masonry pillars. With some creative foresight, the idea was put out, why not mount to the inside of masonry structure before stone work is applied. Then all our fastening bracketry could then be attached, and mason would do all the stonework and it would make for a very clean look. This idea was embraced and schedules figured out, as it required a high level of coordination to not hold the project up.

This sequence of install was a great benefit to everyone involved and gave the clients exactly what they were looking for. A very rigid upscale terrace railing with very clean and solid attachment to their uneven and tapered pillars. They will be able to enjoy these exceptional stair and terrace railing for many, many years to come.

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