8th Annual Client Appreciation Dinner

We celebrated another year and another great Client Dinner! This year we celebrated our 8th Annual Client Appreciation Dinner on June 16, 2017. It was a beautiful evening filled with demonstrations by the Compass team, the attendee’s ooooo’d and aaaaaa’d about the beautiful staircase in process. The power hammer got some accolades with it’s ability to mash coins in a single blow, fusing them together!
The 1930’s hit and miss engine decided to miss all evening and could not start, no matter who cranked. So a hand crank was created and 5 gallons of homemade strawberry ice cream was churned by hand, it was delicious, topped with Amos’s wife Susie’s famous Whoopie Pies.

The Friday evening silent auction raised almost $1000 for the Clinic for Special Children. The Benefit auction by the community on Saturday June 17, 2017, raised over $300,000 for the clinic!

Here is what some of the Clients who came to the event this year had to say:
– New machine forging was impressive. I liked your Penny and Nickel trick!
– The spiral stairway was outstanding! We also enjoyed seeing you make the basket. It was a great evening!
– Watching the techniques made it seem so simple, even though we know it takes so much practice.
– The demonstrations were very interesting. To see how the metal gets worked in different shapes textures and for the different pieces that are made.
– Major press, twisted basked, spiral staircase engineering was very impressive.
– Thank you for hosting, I really enjoyed the presentation. Your work is beautiful!
– I love the tulip and how it was made.
– Demonstrations were most memorable, especially the spiral staircase.

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