ASLA Philadelphia 2018 Recap

After months of design and planning, our new booth received accolades and created a wow factor for all attendees.

Our Japanese Maple Tree Iron Sculpture created raves on it’s life-like reality. The forged squirrels that were hiding in the tree garnered some gushes on their cuteness. Even the planter the Iron Tree was planted in had a creative antique copper verdigris finish.

We also created a “front gate” with a dimensional illusion, replicating an old Wrought Iron Gate from Europe. This gate showcased our automation and security accreditation by quietly sliding in and out of a specially created panel in the booth.

All the “artwork” on the walls was creatively attached with magnets for a super clean look, but also ease of attachment. The new “Modern Art Gallery” design was an absolute hit, and we will be expanding on this to create an even bigger wow factor at AD Show in NYC in March when we add in the hottest trend in design for interiors.

Stay tuned as we design and create the absolute best in show booth design for NYC.

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