Bay Front Gates Project

Aluminum Driveway Gate

The existing front gate for this bay front property had been constructed from iron. With the entire property undergoing renovation, it was decided to pursue new driveway gates.

The architect and client first design direction was to design a wooden driveway gate. But upon doing some research, and learning that the front gate could be be constructed in solid aircraft grade aluminum,with a special powder-coat process to resist the harsh elements at the shore, the decision was an easy one.

"Million Dollar" hinge

“Million Dollar” hinge

We utilized our exclusive “Million Dollar” hinge which has proven itself to be reliable in this harsh and demanding environment. And is part of the driveway gate install, the automatic gate openers were put back into functioning condition.

This exceptional bay front property has a maintenance free driveway gate, with hinges that have fantastic results and can provide this Maryland bay front property, great security and privacy for many decades to come.

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