Beautiful Unique Sculptures

These sculptures at a wedding venue in New Jersey were part of an endeavor to provide the ultimate wedding experience for the bride and groom.

The LOVE sculpture is 6ft tall, 6ft long and 3ft deep and completely made from aluminum plate. It is the exact size of the one in Philadelphia and finished with Philadelphia Eagles Green, Phillies Red, and Sixer’s Blue. A perfect backdrop for the happy couple for their wedding day.

The intertwining heart sculpture is a whopping 9-1/2ft tall and was a serious challenge to create with all the various planes, curves, and helixes. The real challenge, however, was the finish. An 9 step process that was extremely laborious and took 3 grueling weeks to complete. Again, a lovely photo op for a special couple.

The intertwining heart sculpture is being entered into the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association’s Top Job Competition. We feel it is an excellent opportunity to be judged on a beautiful project by our peers and hopefully, win an award.

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