Brass Railing on Glass Stair

A client was building his Dream home and had a modern staircase with glass railing. A challenge was that to meet code requirements on the curved glass railing, he needed a graspable handrail. He wanted to enhance the contemporary stair design with a round brass handrail.

An additional challenge was that all the brackets had to be curved as well so as not to stress the glass railing and break it.

Sourcing the correct brass alloy in the correct shapes in order to fulfill his design vision was a challenge. With tons of research, the correct material was acquired. The next issue was radius the handrail to the correct dimensions without scuffing it. The desired finish was a polished brass effect. Once the railing was completely created, days and days of polishing and waxing to place in order to get the desired visual. With strategic planning the entire brass handrail was mounted unto the glass railing and met the clients visual expectations, plus made the code inspector happy.

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