Bringing Back the Authentic

A homeowner at the New Jersey shore had a house that was originally built in the 1920s. This house had been the original model home for a subdivision back in the day. It was even referenced on a map of the island; further indicating how just much of a landmark this home was in the community.

Out of the desire to bring this home back to its original look, the homeowner did some research and found vintage photos of the house with an iron balcony railing design featured on the front of the house. This iron balcony had been removed at some point and a “plain Jane” tasteless iron balcony had been installed. This had to change! Also, in trying to keep with the design feel, the homeowner wanted a short railing added to the steps onto the patio; as the existing railing was insufficient.

So we started with the iron balcony railing design, suggesting an exquisite radius for the front. We also added a custom iron monogram into a circle in the front-center of the balcony railing. And, in accordance with the vintage photos, iron scroll-work bracing was created at the bottom for both structural and visual purposes.

For the iron railing at the front steps, we created a definitive radius that ultimately introduced an immediate WOW factor to the home. This radius flowed well with the existing steps and enhanced the authenticity of the entrance to the patio and home.

We proposed the entire project in today’s iron with our CIW- 2135-I finish. This starts with blasting the steel to a white metal finish which creates a profile for adhesion and removes all contaminants. Then the entire piece gets dipped into zinc at 835 degrees for corrosion protection. Then the project gets brush blasted for interior coat adhesion and power coated to a beautiful finish. In doing this process of hot-dip galvanizing, the DOT rates this duplex finish to 120 years to 20% failure. So, when using steel, it is the best approach to resist corrosion; especially when it comes to the harsh elements at the shore.

At end of our work at this home, we were happy to see it a step closer to its original authentic look; and ready for its next century of life!

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