Bucks County Railing with an English Flair

A couple in Bucks County, PA had an older home and had revitalized the front terrace. They needed a classic terrace railing design that would be authentic with the house.

The couple spent a lot of time in London and wanted the design to be reminiscent of the Hyde Park area. After looking at many, many designs available here in this country, researched was started to check out finial and railing designs in England. After a lot of research, finials were brought over from England.

The next challenge was that the mounting on the English finials were not appropriate for the solid aluminum pickets or the posts. So we had to totally redesign both of the finial bases. Then recast the finials in a custom aluminum.

Another important detail in the railing design was the post knuckle at the intersection of the horizontal bar. These created a little bit of a structural challenge that we had to work around.

They also desired a rounded corner on all horizontal bar to emulate the aesthetics of old hammered Iron railing. And the bottom of pickets had the visual of hammered ends. The desired finish was a matte black powder coat with slight dimple or texture to portray the authenticity of a classic Iron Railing.

The railing install was challenging and tedious with the uneven surface of stone pillars. But, the railing is classically stunning and meets the visual desires of this couple. They can relax on the front terrace of their Bucks County, PA home and appreciate a beautiful Iron railing that enhances their classic home.

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