Bullet Resistant Fence

When clients ask for privacy for their property, they are asking for the security an Iron fence brings, allowing them to function privately with comfort. But for some properties, the needs of bullet resistance for protection from mass shootings and attacks, and crash resistance for protection against terror attacks facilitated with trucks are considered. This can bring assurance of privacy and security to their business interest, embassy’s, schools, high security sites, and secular community buildings such as churches and places of gathering for events. This brings Iron fencing to the next level of security. This fence is patent pending and more information, and its official name will be released in the near future. Compass Ironworks has been working on integrating bullet resistance and crash resistance into their beautiful level of craftsmanship. With 2 types of Strong, Secure fence, tested to resist, a 9mm, .357, .44, 30-30, AR15, AK47, 30-06, and shot gun blast, allowing the client assurance that if a mass attack were to take place, the fence will stop bullet penetration tested to UL752 standards. From panels to posts, to panel interconnections, everything has been considered and tested with impressive results. For greater visual impact, we have crafted artistic accents that can be added to these fence panels. There is no other fence like it in the world, and this phenomenal fence can be a legitimate asset in target hardening, decreasing vulnerability for hate crimes against targeted populations.

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