Bullet Resistant Riot Fence

 It’s January 6th, 2021. A new year has just begun, and the horrors of 2020 are now behind us… right?
All of a sudden the world is in shambles yet again, and the most powerful government in the world has been temporarily paralyzed. An angry mob stormed the U.S. Capital this day, and five people lost their precious lives. Our government and security professionals worked their hardest to keep us safe and reestablish order. Unfortunately, they were fighting an unprecedented uphill battle.

Have no fear! Our sister company, Bullistic Barriers LLC is here with a solution! This innovative company created a rapid deployment bullet resistant riot fence (RaDeBuRe) to answer this need! 

Bullistic Barriers LLC was selected as the 2021 WINNER of the Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection for its RaDeBuRe Riot Fence. The RaDeBuRe Riot Fence will be on display July 19-21 at ISC West – the nation’s largest converged security trade show– at booth 14149.

In developing this bullet resistant riot fence, they faced two serious hurdles. One was being able to maneuver the fence up steps, and the other was stabilizing the fence where surfaces were uneven.

They solved the problem of maneuverability with a system of rollers, prybar’s, dollies and ramps!

(Check out our video on how to maneuver it Here) This enables members of the security team to mobilize the fence up a flight of steps more readily as well.

Next, to allow set up right on stairs themselves, they developed support posts with adaptable braces. These braces are  capable to be 16 inches lower in the front, and 16 inches higher in the back, making it secure on uneven terrain.

Don’t believe us? Check out this revolutionary fence in action at the trade show or via the product video Here!

Bullistic Barriers LLC is not a one trick pony! They specialize in perimeter privacy fences and garage doors that are bullet resistant as well! They have tested hundreds of rounds of ammo on the privacy fence and applied for a patent November 2019. Check out how beautiful and protective the privacy fence truly is here:

If you are interested in more information feel free to contact compassironworks or  bullisticbarriers Or by phone at: (717) 869-2775

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