Captivating Bar Rail

The client wanted a bar rail to match their Iron grills we had made for the wine cellar doors. To keep the same visual dimension, they wanted 1-1/2” square solid bar twisted as tight as possible. The challenge was to radius the square twisted bar to fit the bar radius. It was impossible to radius it on a roller. We reached out to a NOMMA member and brainstormed with some bump bending. Due to the tonnage required to bend, it just marred the corners on the twists. Numerous materials including wood and rubber were tried as a cushion. The key cushion material was Lexan.

The client also wanted the feet and braces as forged banding to match the doors which had to be custom created. We powder-coated a custom bronze-gold highlight and the client still wanted it repowder-coated so they could apply the gold themselves. The end result is a striking piece.

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