Architectural Doors

There was not one single segment of this Moorestown, New Jersey security door that was not a challenge. Between the metallurgist husband and the designer wife, they asked for a sample of everything, including hinges and latch hardware, and then asked for improvements.

Compass presented a set of fourteen decorative security doors, inspired by an eighteenth-century Italian design.

This design was commissioned by a client who desired a modern reproduction of an original work from 1742 Italy. Only the finest materials and workmanship would suffice for this most demanding endeavor. The customer was deeply involved in the entire process, from conception to installation. Amos Glick, President of Compass Iron Works, remarked: “Every segment of this project was a challenge, from the metallurgist husband to the designer wife, we provided samples on EVERYTHING; hinges, latches, hardware, finishes, material, etc. They dissected it all and desired an ever-rising bar of improvement.”

The door-frames were created from custom extruded aircraft grade aluminum, and were designed with recessed and removable glass, custom designed hinges, and a unique texture with hand-forged scrolls.

Custom stainless door pivot hinges and invisible stainless glass hinges were chosen for the doors to raise the bar in design, even though standard components could have sufficed. Marine grade finishes and a solid bronze latching hardware was employed; again, to raise the bar. No detail was too small! Absolute perfection was the standard!

By the time fabrication started, we had a great respect for the level of precision the client demanded. We took extra time to clean and sand every detail. Some doors were installed three times until there was not a blemish, pinhole or sander mark visible.

The time to complete this project was nineteen months total, and it consumed over 3000 meticulous labor hours to produce this true work of art.

Our competitors/peers gave us the Mitch Heitler Award for Excellence in 2016 for this project; the highest award globally in the industry.