A beautiful diner was adding another location in West Orange, New Jersey. As per local codes, they needed to add interior design railings for all protection from stairs, walkways and ramps. With the design being inspired by Biltmore mansion in North Carolina, they wanted a look of elegant craftsmanship.

Pulling design elements from the beautiful “wrought iron” fence at the cliff, we incorporated 7/8” square pickets turned on the diamond. We tailored the design of the security fence posts to fit the stair railing requirements.

The client liked the visual of a custom forged cap-rail as it added character and authenticity to the railing design that complemented the character of the diner.

In the rear of the diner, structural posts were needed to support a roof overhang at the door. An additional challenge was added when the original builder failed to have the rear egress steps wide enough to meet code between handrails. With innovative thinking, the stair railing design was engineered and designed to accommodate both issues.

Completely created in an aircraft grade solid aluminum, this commercial railing project is indistinguishable from wrought iron railing, yet will never have to worry about corrosion.

This prestigious diner in the metro New York City area has made news for community deeds, and received top reviews for their cuisine and raves for their architectural vision. The inclusion of custom-crafted metal stair railing and terrace railing will be admired by patrons for years to come.