A banquet hall in New Jersey wanted to appeal to a more sophisticated client base. The design team determined a wrought iron railing would add elegance and beauty to each wedding or corporate event. There were some budgetary constraints, but the project was value engineered for maximum visual impact. A certain number of scrolls, leaves and flowers were hand forged and custom created, with some of the more tedious design elements, machine done. The result was a breathtaking ornamental railing.

Another challenge was the timeframe. The typical timeframe can be three to six months, and with this catering facility being busy, they wanted minimal construction time. With proactive communication and planning, multiple components of this prestigious wrought iron railing could be created to correct configuration. By having custom stairs pre-built, pre-measuring before they went to the site, many portions of the railing could be semi-completed.

Stairs were installed, and our precise measurements happened immediately after. The stair-to-stair railing time was a few weeks instead of months, and the design strategy worked. Bookings for the New Jersey venue increased to the point where they added a second staircase and wrought iron railing. This time, they added a wrought iron balcony railing design as a perfect photo-op for a wedding party or company gathering.

The venue was thrilled with the continued response for renovated rooms, as it was a great investment that will continue to provide ROI for years to come. With the level of pre-planning, schedule disruption and construction clutter were kept to a minimum. The client was thrilled they went with a beautiful custom forged wrought iron railing that is eco-friendly with 97% recycled content.