A client in the Washington, D.C. area had bought an upscale property, but wanted to improve the landscape design and add automatic driveway gates and property security fence gates.

The client looked at various driveway gate design images to find one that expressed their design vision and enhanced the exceptional caliber of the house. Various driveway gate designs were reviewed, from traditional driveway gates designs to modern driveway gate designs.

The house had a somewhat contemporary design; a gate design was selected to go with a similar theme. The client wanted a hefty 4” x 8” bottom frame and sides with a small radius on all frame members. The bottom of gate was two solid panels with a somewhat modern chamfer detail, with robust 2” x 2” square pickets on top and a custom-engineered and constructed hinge post. The client also wanted the traditional look of strap hinges. The landscape designer requested a ½” gap for hinges, while the hinges themselves are 3-1/2” wide. This was quite a challenge, so we had to get really creative with the engineering of the hinge post to fulfill the designer’s wishes.

The property also had about 1200 feet of perimeter which they wanted the entire property secured to provide privacy and security for their entire family. They selected the mass and character of 1” solid picket turned on the diamond; 4” sq. posts provided rigidity and stability throughout. They added the contemporary aspect of a modern chamfer at the picket top.

The other request was to have automatic driveway gate openers concealed in the driveway, and to have all the automation tied in with the security platform of their Crestron Smart Home System. Even the front pedestrian gate had two modes of allowing access — a keyless mechanical latch with programmable keypad or electronic strike could be activated through their smart phone.