After many years of hard work and effort, a successful businessman built his company to a point where he could afford to provide a specially built home for his wife and family. They selected a lakefront property and had the entire landscape designed for their relaxation and enjoyment, with a pool designed within their own private sanctuary.

Security became important, not only executive or personal security, but they also desired uncompromising physical, property, and estate security so that they could continue their lifestyle uninterrupted. However, they had three major challenges.

#1 The perimeter barrier could not detract from the aesthetic appeal of the property (very hard to do with a production fence).

#2 All access points had to seamlessly integrate into their Lutron Smart Home Security System.

#3 The property needed to be secure in time for a son’s graduation party only five months away.

They contacted us and we spoke immediately about three levels: design, security/automation and timeframe.

Design: The executive wanted security that enhanced the architecture of the house, planting design, and overall visual “wow factor” of the property. He also wanted to add his personal touch to the design, and that the project be uniquely his. All the materials needed to withstand the waterfront environment; 1” solid aircraft grade aluminum pickets were selected for mass, strength, and character. He selected a prestigious fleur-de-lis finial. We custom designed a hand-forged oval to accentuate a line of finials at mid-height of fence. At the bottom of the fence, was a custom designed, forged, and pierced C-scroll. The gate was designed to be 12 feet tall for both visual deterrent and “wow factor.” After evaluating budget, most of the ornamental design elements of the security fence were concentrated on the front visual aspect of the property. This part of the fence was also built to 7 feet tall to minimize climb-ability for any intruder or predator. All cast material was custom created in marine grade to provide durability in the waterfront environment. The client’s initials were centrally located in the gate design.

Access Control/Security: The level of collaboration and dialogue we provided directly with the electrician and security companies to have all the access points integrated directly into the Lutron Smart Home System made life easier for the client. All hardwiring, WiFi and connection points were discussed proactively for a seamless install. All primary gates had call boxes that reported to the central security platform. All secondary access points were provided with coded, keyless entry. The client wanted AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) installed on all six of the family’s vehicles.

Timeframe: Time was of the essence. The entire property was efficiently measured and elevation points shot. Everything was designed in CAD and submitted for prompt approval by the client. Certain benchmarks were identified for the team of craftsmen to obtain in order to be eligible for bonus money.

The entire team of craftsmen worked very hard, put in late hours, and worked efficiently to bring this project in on schedule. With strategic planning for the install, it went slightly ahead of schedule.

The neighbor, the landscaper, the builder, and the client were absolutely thrilled with the complete project. The uncompromising yet beautiful property security fence provides peace of mind for all family members and property assets.