We were contacted by Van Dayne Builders of the New Jersey shore for custom railing for a beautiful shore home.

We met with the interior designer, client, and builder. The client wanted a big 8” belly railing, yet the designer was aghast. He said, “A belly balcony railing design will look horrible with the architecture of the house. The railing needs to be straight.” We made a compromise and created a modified belly balcony design — an ever so slight 3” belly balcony railing. All parties were happy.

Their concern was if we could create custom metal railing that could withstand the shore elements. We utilized solid aluminum 6063 material and created the correct hammered texture. We then custom-machined collars to slip over the picket. Picket was heated, and an encapsulating dimple forged on either side of the slipped-over collar. We also created the subtle but pleasing 3” belly profile.

We also custom-created the balcony railing post that the architect had in his original design. Everything was custom-created, from the balcony railing design to posts. The client selected Statuary Bronze for a finish color, which was applied with an eco-friendly powder-coat that could withstand the harsh elements at the shore.

At installation, the client was walking on the beach and remarked, “The railings look black. I don’t like that color.” (Statuary Bronze is very dark and from a distance and looks dark.)

The medium bronze powder-coat was too light in color, so we ended up custom blending the powder-coat finish to the shade that the client liked. This phenomenal railing design accentuates the architecture of the home, making for a very happy architect, designer builder, and client.