Classic Iron Railing

A classical home builder was working on a custom home in greater Philadelphia area. As part of the home layout, he designed an outdoor living space for the back of the home as well as a basement entrance. All these spaces required wrought iron railings and stair handrails. We matched the classical theme of this homes architecture by designing classic iron railings.

The classic iron railing design incorporated surface hammered texture on all pickets. Also we created a custom collar that was encapsulated on the center of each iron picket with a custom forged spoon affect. The iron railing had a 2 ¼” wide cap rail, 1 1/2” sq posts,1 ½ X 1 ½ bar channel and 9/14” sq iron pickets. Making for a beautiful classical design.

We completed the classic iron railing design in CAD for design approval. Once approved, we custom created and sandblasted the entire project. Then, we completely immersed it in zinc through the hot-dip galvanizing process which provided corrosion protection, and an aesthetic iron railing texture. To finish it off we brush-blasted the rails to provide additional texture for finish adhesion. Lastly we powder-coated it with a 2-tone powder with a reddish iron hue, as opposed to the ordinary black hue. This 2-tone powder really enhanced the visual experience of the iron terrace railing. This beautiful piece looked stunning, but also met the specs for the CI W-213S-I finished for authenticity and longevity. DOT rates this duplex finish system to 120 years at only 20% failure. So this remarkable classic rail provides ascetic safety and rigidity for the terraces and stairs on this classical Philadelphian home.


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