Come see us at the Valley Forge Convention Center for the Historic Home Show 2014!

The Valley Forge Convention Center will be hosting the 2014 Historic Home Show, on February 28 through March 2nd for anyone who wants to learn about, restore, renovate, decorate, or care for old houses and preserve our architectural history. This show is an invaluable tool for both professionals and homeowners!

The Designer Craftsmen Show celebrates the most time honored American craftsmen in the nation, featuring the highest quality in fine art, traditional crafts, contemporary folk art, museum quality replicas, original artworks and fine furniture reproductions. In line with this theme we will be having several demonstrations of forging techniques on the anvil, showing the craftsmanship and hard work put into every Compass Ironworks Project

During the opening-night cocktail party, gather ’round to hear Amos Glick, President of Compass Ironworks speak about the timeless art of ironworking, in the context of Lancaster County’s long history of culture and craftsmanship. Compass Ironworks is family-owned company that is a unique blend of the modern (state-of-the-art tools and techniques) with the traditional (artisanry and work ethic). He’ll also touch on some of their prominent historical projects for railing, fences, and gates, outlining today’s code requirements and telling us what to look for regarding proper pretreatment and finishing protocols.

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