Compass Hosts Shop Tours for NOMMA members!

Compass Ironworks hosted the NOMMA community during this most recent conference for a shop tour and demonstrations. Craftsmen from across the country browsed through the shop, oohing and ahhing over equipment setups and innovative tooling and forging demonstrations.

We shared some of our creative forging techniques, railing table layouts were discussed and there was a phenomenal dialogue from the 150 plus attendees. One person remarked that his entire trip from the midwest was worth seeing the technique that was shared for railing layouts.

The info sharing went both ways. We at compass shared some innovative techniques and attendees picked up on the ideas and shared their own ideas and innovations to make suggestions for further improvement.

While our fellow NOMMA members may be direct competitors, we do not horde our information to ourselves. NOMMA is a great organization that has helped us grow, and NOMMA members have helped us solve many problems along the way. Just as we have been shown new ideas and solutions from other NOMMA members, we contribute our unique perspectives and ideas, to share with other members. Compass Ironworks is a rather unique shop and the solutions, methods and innovations we develop can help maximize efficiency and quality, not just for our clients but for the entire industry.

And of course, what would a trip out to Lancaster be without Whoopie Pies and Homemade Ice Cream! Some words of praise from attendees:

“Wow did I ever enjoy seeing your shop! You are an innovative and thoughtful businessman, aren’t you? Thanks for inviting us METALFab attendees to visit you – you do wonderful work, too.”

“Thank you for graciously hosting a shop your this year. I heard many positive comments about your operation. The ice cream and whoopie pies were wonderful as well!”

“Thank you for opening your shop and the hospitality you extended to the members of NOMMA. We also appreciated your ingenuity and imagination regarding your shop. We appreciate the extra “sweet” treat during the tour. Our best to you!”

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