Mitigating risk for your high-net-worth clients, their property and possessions — with beautifully crafted gates and fences.

Our Process

Doing an estate threat assessment can unveil many challenges on any given property; a high- net-worth estate even more so as there are many factors that come into play including the high design and quality expectations of the owner. It makes it difficult for any chintzy mass-produced security fence to meet the caliber of driveway gate design and construction. The hinges don’t meet the threshold to minimize penetration of the perimeter with the availability of resources and knowledge to integrate access control into the security technology is minimal. The scarcity of experienced technicians that know how to collaborate on that level makes the project even more challenging.

For Compass, initial design dialogue is important. The security fence design must be in harmony with the architecture and landscape design, as well as align with the client’s vision and fulfill security protocols. Security requirements are key, and with our level of art and craftsmanship, a beautiful security fence and architectural gate can enhance an exceptional property’s attributes. Once all these requirements are met, we can then focus on the terrain, which can provide its own unique challenges for ultimate perimeter security.

A plan view of a challenging property perimeter between every dashed line is two feet of elevation change this part was too steep for a skid loader to traverse.

We staked out each post location with a marker, followed by elevations shot for each post location. All the data was entered in CAD, which allowed decisions to be made for the best aesthetic flow of the fence on the slope without security compromise.

This highlights the fence upon completion.

Predator Wifi Keypad Close Up
Electronic Strike Latch Attached To Security Gate
Crestron Home Security System - Camera Mounted To Gate

Tree Security Challenge

This property had huge specimen trees that were an exceptional part of the property but they were directly in the path of the security fence.

The question was, “How do we beautifully execute perimeter security?”

We provided the security, architect, landscape architect, and client team with four different options. The final project was a solid, uncompromising property security fence that fulfilled the security protocols and enhanced the architectural and landscape design attributes of the property.

Securing extraordinary properties with exceptional ironwork craftsmanship

Ability to transition through tough topography

Underground operator is higher security

Hidden Hinge option

Proprietary “Million Dollar Hinge” out-performs industry standard gatehinges by 500%

Product coating and finishes testing

Product coating and finishes testing

Insight on best coating endurance for harsh waterfront elements

Solid welds don’t detract from aesthetics

Pre-planning for freeze / thaw cycles

Estate gates & property fence can be created in contemporary or traditional styles