Compass Ironworks Christmas Banquet

To celebrate another great year of creating interior Iron railings, exterior railings, Iron driveway gates, and aluminum property fences, the Compass Ironworks team got together for their Christmas Banquet.
The meal started off with fruit-jello, Cole slaw, dinner rolls and mozzarella sticks as appetizers. The main course was mashed potatoes and gravy, turkey breast, ham balls, corn and macaroni and cheese.
Desert was pumpkin rolls, ice-cream, and Susie’s favorite, Vanillo Pie. The conversation topics varied, ranging from Iron railing designs and shop layouts, to family and Christmas plans!
A particular highlight to the night was the trivia questions, which ranged from “how much do you know about particular jobs” to “how well do you know your colleagues”! The questions were:

  • How many miles are on Ken’s minivan?
  • How many times did we buy from our frequent vendor?
  • How many truckloads of sand did we use this year?
  • What is Amos’s favorite fruit? (not bananas)
  • How much does Class 3 Bullet resistant 8’x 10’ panel weigh? How thick is the panel?
  • How many custom cast bronze rosettes are we getting for the Saker project?
  • What country are they coming from?
  • How long will they be in transit?
  • How many miles has Adam put on his truck this year?
  • How many jobs did we complete this year?
  • How many jobs do we have going on right now?
  • Is Amos’s birthday the day before, or the day after his wedding anniversary?
  • How many speeding tickets did Daphne get this year?
  • How many puppies did Pop sell this year?
  • How many weddings did Compass Ironwork employees have collectively this year?

After the delicious meal, all Compass Ironworks team members received a metal campfire grill. Additionally, everyone that attended received a Compass Ironworks umbrella. These umbrellas are the latest design. This new style umbrella actually inverts to trap any water that would otherwise shake out; preventing the holder from getting wet. And, as an extension of appreciation for Amos and his dedication to his employees, the Compass ironworks team presented Amos with a flag croquet game that he can enjoy with his entire family.
After an enjoyable evening of eating, games, socializing, and gifts, the Compass Ironworks team closed out the great year of 2020.


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