Compass Ironworks Colorado Install

For a beautiful wedding venue in Colorado, located at the entrance of gate 3 into Red Rocks Natural Amphitheater, our team created exceptional stair railings, front gates, and forged fences. In February of 2021, we measured the stair railing with our 3D laser . We designed the entranceway gate and forged aluminum fence in CAD based solely on site surveys. After that, all the scrollwork was forged. Next we built the entire railing, gate and fence project. We blasted and powder-coated them to a custom color with red hues to accentuate the red rocks theme.

After we finished production, we were faced with a new challenge of coordinating an Ironworks installation that is 1,700 miles away from the shop. We very carefully packaged and crated all the individual pieces of accurately formed stair railing, the front fence, and the driveway gates. Then we strategically loaded everything onto a trailer for the long haul out.

An RV rented to take four of our team members to Colorado to do the installation. Adam, Benjamin, George, Ben Esh and his family left at 1:00 AM Monday morning to travel out. They arrived to the site at 3:00 AM Tuesday morning. Upon awakening Tuesday morning, mule deer were directly outside the RV. As work commenced mule deer meandered right past the work being done. At one point, when the team was on break, a mule deer climbed up a pile of dirt and provided an exceptional photo op of appearing to stand on top of the compass iron works job box.

One dilemma they faced was how to do their laundry since they were staying at the job site of an unfinished wedding venue. This was creatively solved by utilizing tie down straps for wash line and attaching it between the RV and trailer. There was some time available to go sightseeing, so, the entire party went into red rocks, then traveled to the very top of mount Evans. There they were able to observe more wildlife, including a mountain goat and its ba

by. They spent the last evening at an upscale restaurant called the Fort, where the cuisine had a distinctive western flair. To get a small taste of the fun they had, their appetizer was quail egg with bison, and their main course had additional selections such as rattlesnake and antelope.

The entire installation was completed by Thursday afternoon. The team started back at 11:00 PM Thursday and arrived back to Compass Ironworks on Saturday morning around 6:00 AM. It made for a fun week of combining work and recreation, and at the same time, providing great service and products. It helps to love what you do! These front gates, property fence, and stair railings can be enjoyed and appreciated for many years now, thanks to the hard work and fun provided by our team here at Compass Ironworks.

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