Compass Ironworks wins National Awards

Gold and Bronze at NOMMA’s National Conference

Compass won a Gold award in the Non-Forged Driveway Gates Category. The award-winning project was a replication of an English design from 1861. The client submitted a grainy photocopy of a sketch of the historic design and the craftsmen, who were well versed in the techniques and methods, went to work. The entire project was custom created using modern Aircraft Grade Aluminum alloys for durability, rigidity, and longevity. When completed, the aluminum was completely indistinguishable from Iron.

Compass also won a bronze in the Art and Sculpture Category for a Hand-forged life-size Japanese Maple Tree. The entire tree, trunk, branches, twigs, and leaves were completely hand-forged. The tree was hot-dipped galvanized, painted black, hand-sanded for texture and contrast, then the leaves were gilded red by hand and dappled for a natural effect and the entire sculpture was coated with a special clear-coat sealer. The landscape architect was thrilled, he remarked that he had not thought it humanly possible to create such a lifelike tree in Iron.

It was an honor to have our work internationally recognized and is a tribute to our team’s talent and commitment to providing excellent craftsmanship to all clients that we serve.

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