Many people are curious why the Amish do not use modern conveniences such as electricity. Actually they do, but within strict guidelines. For example, electricity itself is not regarded as “bad” but certain things it can do definitely are. Also they do not use electricity from the “grid” because that is regarded as being inter connected with the world that they wish to be separate from.

However, it is impossible to operate an electric arc welding machine without electricity, so an Amish welder uses a generator set powered by a diesel engine. That same engine also runs compressor pumps for compressed air and hydraulic pumps for hydraulic power.

Even with a generator, there are no electric lights, no music, and very few electric power tools in an Amish work shop. If there is a possibility of doing without, an Amishman will bypass electricity. However, outside the shop, on a construction site for example, electric tools are deemed acceptable to accomplish the job.

Amish people have been very resourceful in circumventing the electrical grid wherever possible. You might say that they are the original “green movement”!!!

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