Ornamental Iron Custom Entry

A prominent New York area architect was designing an upscale home in Scarsdale NY. As part of the first impression for the prestigious home was the front entry doors. The doors had custom designed Ironwork that overlay these custom front doors.

The grill work overlay had sculptural iron feel to it with custom iron bosses, connector brackets and hand forged scrolls.

The main door was straight and beautifully crafted. The side lights and the top transom, however, were all curved. The curved nature to these areas seriously increased the complexity of getting a correct fit for these custom forged iron panels.

An additional challenge to these already complex curved panels was the need for attached hinges and latches. These design elements were necessary to allow accessibility to the glass for cleaning purposes.

So, through a great deal of artistic charisma and thought, we were able to provide the swing capabilities in a subtle way that maintained the beautiful design statement of the decorative Ironwork. This was done with a minimal frame design, countersunk hinges, and a micro spring-loaded latch.

The entire project was designed in CAD for the architect’s approval. Then all the Iron design elements were custom forged and created. The fabrication took weeks of laborious detail. Then sandblasted, pretreated, primed, and powder-coated with a matte black finish. This gave these decorative Iron panels an authentic and durable finish to provide a beautiful entry to last for decades to come.


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