Custom Estate Gate

An owner’s representative from Maryland contacted us about upgrading a bayside house. The client had problems with deer eating their extraordinary landscape, so they wanted a fence around the property’s perimeter. They also wanted an automatic driveway gate to provide ease of access onto the property. They decided to install a deer fence themselves, so we got to work on their custom estate gate!

One challenge was the harsh coastal environment the fence and gate would be living in. This type of environment has a very high corrosive effect on many iron gates. So, we proposed to utilize aircraft grade or marine grade aluminum.

The driveway gate design was for the main pickets to be a hefty 1” square, and shorter ¾” square pickets intermediately mixed in with a chamfer on the top. During the conversation about the driveway gate design, they expressed a desire for a circular pattern, but not just a simple circle. We proposed a custom cast quatrefoil, and they loved the idea of incorporating it into their gate design.

The main driveway gate frame was 2” square, and the horizontal channels were 2” x 1”. We utilized our Million Dollar Hinge and attached it to a 6” square box beam structure. Then, we set the box beam structure into concrete, which then became the foundation for the masonry pillar.

We powder-coated the entire gate and hinge with one eco-friendly and super durable finish. This was environmentally conscious in 2 perspectives. First, that it released ZERO VOC’s into the atmosphere. Second, it was robust enough to withstand the harsh environment in which it was installed.

We installed the automatic driveway gate openers underground so that there was minimal aesthetic disruption from the beautiful landscape. The key part for the automatic driveway gate used was a protection Wi-Fi keypad. Meaning, when the call button is pressed it alerts the clients directly on their wireless devices anywhere in the world that has cell service. We also equipped this custom estate gate with photo eyes, safety loops and a siren sensor.

We designed and installed this superb driveway gate and automation package to be as maintenance free as possible. As with anything digital, some upkeep is needed. This Maryland bayside property’s driveway gates will require minimal maintenance thanks to the material used.

Do you want a custom estate gate of your own?! We are happy to help! Contact us here! 

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