Custom Forged, Ocean Front Railing

An upscale residence for a New Jersey beach front home was designed by an prominent New Jersey Shore architect. He specified traditional metal railing with some ornamentation such as rings and knuckles.

We immediately proposed everything to be built in aircraft grade and marine grade aluminum and for the finish to be specified with blasting, pre-treatment and powder coating. The entire finishing protocol needed to comply to CIW 2604-A to withstand the harsh salt air environment at the shore.

When the client’s wife reviewed designs for the terrace railings, stairs and stair railings, she was not completely content with the design specified. She started reviewing stair railing images and deck railing images, looking for a design that was in alignment with her design expression. In conjunction, she desired the exterior staircase to be designed as a modern, floating staircase with masonry treads to match masonry flooring on treads.

She selected a flowing scroll work design, added cast aluminum knuckles for design elements.

The entire project was phenomenal and really heightened the architectural symmetry to this shore master piece with all the terrace railings, stair railings, stairs, gates and doors. It will be an excellent place for the clients to relax, but also to entertain family and guests at the beach in New Jersey.

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