Custom Property Fence

A client had us previously build a magnificent pair of driveway gates for his Pennsylvania property, but he wanted to add more security. So, he asked us to come back and add a custom property fence on both sides of the driveway gates. He had added masonry columns to flank the beautiful driveway, which was somewhat of a challenge to work around. However, the main challenge was the elevation change on both the right and left sides of driveway gate. There was approx. 16 ft of elevation change over the duration of the fenced area.

The design of the additional property fence replicated the existing driveway gate to keep visual appeal. The metal fence pickets were 1” solid aircraft grade aluminum pickets, with a custom cast picket on top. We created a custom cast aluminum quatrefoil, and hundreds of custom cast collars. We even created a majestic collar that added depth and character to the property fence design. For the wow factor, we custom twisted some 1 1/8” sq. 8 filament baskets.

The property fence posts were created in structural 6” posts. We designed the posts with a detailed shoulder that utilized the underside of typical caprail, to provide a millwork detail look. Then, with a custom machined neck, and an 8” ball on top, the property fence was finished.

We then powder-coated the fence in a statuary bronze color, and air-brushed with a gold overlay. With the non-corrosive material, plus the durable and eco-friendly powder-coat finish, this property fence will provide many, many years of privacy, security, and beauty.

Do you want a custom property fence of your own to provide security to your property?! We are happy to help! Contact us here! 

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