Custom Water Front Railings

A couple was building a custom waterfront home in Rumson, NJ. The architect and landscape architect had collaborated on custom terrace railing design for the terraces and stops. Through dialogue with the client, they wanted the railing design to be more contemporary than traditional.

The exterior railing material needed to be a combination of aircraft grade and marine grade aluminum due to the proximity to water.

After meeting with the builder the terrace railing design was solidified. The terrace railing color was still to be confirmed, but the wife wanted the terrace railing to the same color as her favorite sweater. We researched custom powder colors that could withstand the harsh waterfront elements.

All the railing areas were measured accurately including the front stairs that the architect wanted serpentine curves to flow around the front pillars. These front stair railings were by far the most challenging to design correctly to flow visually as they transcend up the stairs.

After many conversations with the builder, architect, the railing designs were solidified. The custom super-durable powder-coat color was approved.

With emphasis and focus on this project’s schedule, the entire railing was custom created in record time. The terrace railing went through the blasting, pretreatment and powder-coat process. The custom color was an absolute hit, enhancing the visual aspect of the entire built space, giving the clients a phenomenal area to entertain, relax and enjoy the waterfront views in Rumson, NJ.


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