Decorative Security – Front Gate and Fence

A successful executive was building a new home for his family. As part of the beautiful property, they wanted a metal fence and a driveway gate, with gate openers to provide classic physical security.

As part of the security protocol, they desired a pedestrian gate with a programmable code latch. With some research, the correct latch was sourced and installed.

The initial gate design and layout was challenging and evolved as the security needs and aspects of the property were evaluated. From a material perspective, using aircraft grade aluminum for this driveway gate and estate fence made sense. When the clients realized that they could utilize this non-corrosive alloy, that it was solid pickets, welded solid, and indistinguishable from “wrought iron” fence, they were thrilled. They realized that it is a durable, solid and rigid product that can look good for many decades, and would require zero maintenance. with that in-mind, all the posts, post caps, finials, and components were researched and procured.

This turned out to be a spectacular project, with the house providing a great backdrop for a custom-crafted fence and gate that can provide security and beauty for generations.


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