Design Inspiration Scrapbook

 For over a decade, we have been closely following interior design and architecture magazines to see what the hottest styles are. As soon as we see a photos of iron stair railings with a modern mono-stringer staircase design, we tear it out and add it to our inspiration folder. The wrought iron design inspiration folder has seen a steady growth over the years! It is now compiled of almost 200 pages! Check it out for yourself here!

We love to collect inspiration from past masters in this field like Samuel Yellin or Cyril Colnik. While this work was performed a century ago, it is still a beautiful testimony that exceptional craftsmanship can be admired long after the craftsman, designer and client have passed on.

Although we love to appreciate the past, we also keep up with the latest iron railing design trends. We gauge the latest design trends by the amount of inquiries we receive for a specific design. The iron railing design that we have seen the most inquiries recently is an elongated oval design.

It is a very transitional design with straight lines and few round elements to provide visual interest.

The next design that gets frequency of requests is a little more sophisticated, with overlapping and intertwining ovals and bronze center medallions. For foyer stairs and balconies with curves, this iron railing design can be quite challenging to build.  We need to curve the ovals in the railing design both horizontally and vertically to fit these spaces.

The 3rd most frequently requested iron railing design is a very modern and minimalist design with ½” round pickets drilled directly into the floor and a 2” X 1” rectilinear top rail. It is very simple in design, but not as simple to build as it looks. We have to tig weld the iron pickets because the caprail design does not allow for hidden welds. With no bottom rail, the pickets are loose, and the railing sections are more labor intensive to handle. With all the individual hole drilling, the inserts of every picket and the epoxy into each hole, really makes for a laborious installation.

So, we hope you enjoy our update on our inspiration scrapbook. We love sharing thought leadership in the latest iron railing designs with you.

Do you need inspiration to kick start a project of your own?! We are happy to help! Contact us! Need even more inspiration? Check out our other work on Pinterest or our galleries!

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