Dog Driveway Gate

A landscape designer that we had previously done work with, connected us to a client that was looking for a custom dog driveway gate. The initial driveway gate design was to simulate a double curve gate design. The rest of the gate design was up for debate. So, we started the design process of creating shop drawings. This is where we create to-scale drawings of the actual project, so the client can see their options come to life. When the client viewed the shop drawings, they made the decision to change the overall design. The design direction decided was more traditional by adding fleur-de-lis finials inside the double arch. This really shifted the conceptual design.

They also decided to add in the center of the gate a focal piece. They have two yellow lab dogs, and wanted to put their silhouette within the center of the gates. We then added in a ring for these silhouettes to create a distinctive contrast. They also wanted the dog silhouettes to be highlighted in gold with a brighter line around the silhouette outline to make them pop.

The hinge posts were 6″ square. The driveway gate frame was 2″ X 3″ rectangle and 1″ square solid aluminum. The ring around the dogs were 1/2″ X 1 1/2″ inch flat bar, mold to have a 14″ radius. We then laser cut the dog silhouettes from 1/2″  tk aluminum.

The color of the driveway gate was done in a matte black powder-coat. We also provided a complete automation package for this driveway gate project with underground heavy duty gate operators. It was fully equipped with a Wi-Fi keypad, exit safety, and reverse loops. Also, it had photo eyes and siren sensors for emergency vehicle access.

In this particular instance, the driveway gate asphalt was complete prior to our install. The cutting into the driveway needed for install was detrimental to the aesthetics. So, a landscaper suggested putting in an apron of pavers to add beauty while providing a solution for this distinctive New Jersey home.

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