Dual Feed Overhead Boom Welder Unit For NEF at MetalFab 2019

A special item will be auctioned at the NEF (NOMMA Education Foundation) event at Metalfab in Indianapolis in March. A specially-engineered, articulating dual feed overhead boom welder unit, complete with Miller power source and feeders will be offered.

Compass Ironworks, a multiple award-winning company, also awarded the 2016 Mitch Heitler Excellence in craftsmanship award designed these systems for fabricator efficiency and convenience. Tested over many years, this model is their 4 generation with improvements made over the years for fabricator comfort, and is a collaborative effort from a few sources.

They designed this with multiple metals in mind, Compass primary use is steel and aluminum. It really allows for transitioning between metals with zero hassle or lost time. If you are in the midst of an aluminum stair project, and you need a small weld on a fixture at the anvil, or need to improve a feature at the power hammer. Or you need to swing over to another table to create a rush project or rework item, that is no problem, anything within a 50 ft. arc is reachable.

Wear points have bronze bearings, and specially designed hangers for extra cable, welding helmet. Even low-pressure gauges for 2 different welding gas hand piping is included, the ultimate in time saving and seamless metals switching. You can swap out to whatever your primary metals are, steel aluminum, bronze or stainless. There are programmable setting per side, allowing the operator ultimate versatility in multiple parameters. Switching from MIG to pulse, hotter setting to lower settings seamlessly. Unit does include 1 push-pull gun as well.

This is an exceptional opportunity in the metal craftsman’s world. An opportunity to buy a piece of specially engineered, time tested for labor saving piece of equipment that can be used to create more award-winning projects. And 100% of the funds will be used to bring future education and opportunity to NOMMA classes.

So, whether this unit sells for $30,000, $40,000, $50,000 or $100,000, it will be money well spent, not just for Return on Investment in creating beautiful gates, fences and railings for better profits in the lucky NOMMA shop, but also money well utilized for future educational purposes.

This unit donated by anonymous sources, is the exact model that Compass Ironworks just updated in their new addition.

May this special unit be a blessing to everyone that uses it.

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