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Please scroll through the images above to see the awesome forged iron stair railings.

An interior designer was designing an exceptional space for an addition in Lancaster, PA. A focal point of the space was a curved stair, and she was searching for a special iron stair railing design to really enhance the visual impact.

Railing design dialogue was initiated, collectively we browsed our Iron Railing inspiration collection. Through the dialogue and with input from the client, the decision was made to pursue a forged iron railing design with a bronze cap rail for the ultimate visual impact.

The main iron scroll work was made from solid square bar, but with additional hammer work to a subtle taper to the entire scroll. And the four predominate hand forged roll-ups were also flattened and widened for a three-dimensional effect. With the center design element being forged, and the forged balls for additional design element, each panel became it’s own work-of-art. The iron railing posts were custom designed to accentuate the high level of craftsmanship that went into this great iron railing design. And the curved stair made the challenge even more complex, especially given the fact that, because of the stair radius change, there was also anngle change to the railing.

Because of construction delays, the entire project spanned almost a two year span. But it was worth the waiting, the stairs, iron railing, and the bronze cap rail will absolutely age over time, to a living finish finish that will continuesly enhance the projet. When done everyone was thrilled with the phenomenal iron stair railing, interior designer, builder, clients, and the craftsmen themselves, were happy with the statement that was added to this space.

Please scroll through the images above to see the awesome forged iron stair railings.

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