French Romeo and Juliet?

Shakespeare created his infamous Romeo and Juliet play hundreds of years ago. It portrayed a boy and girl from feuding families that fell in love with each other. Their relationship centered around a pseudo-balcony or window. Hence the name Juliet balcony or Romeo balcony came about. So, Shakespeare has inspired many Romeo and Juliet balconies that increases a home’s curb appeal and value.

French balconies were brought to popularity to add flair and decor to the exterior of a building. It also provides light and ventilation into the exterior of 18th century homes.

So, what is the difference between a French balcony, a Romeo balcony, and a Juliet balcony?

Here’s how we explain the difference:

  • A French balcony is a faux balcony. It is simply an iron railing in front of the window to give visual appeal.
  • A Romeo balcony is where the floor structure protrudes out from the building and a decorative rail is attached for safety around the small perimeter.
  • A Juliet balcony is where iron railing and floor are the same structure and then attached to the facade of a building.

Special attention needs to be paid to the fastening points of the juliet balcony to be certain it has structural integrity. For a shallow balcony of 18 inches or less, the bottom 4 inch channel frame is attached to the band board of the building. The top of the railing is bolted through the building structure to provide security. For a balcony deeper than 18 inches, a decorative bracing that matches the design at the top and/or bottom is necessary.

We are seeing an increased resurgence in the demand for French balconies, Romeo balconies, and Juliet balconies. There is a diversity of railing designs making the traditional balcony unique to each client.

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