Full Property Security

This client husband and wife have a beautiful property in Saddle River, NJ. The property had no perimeter security and had an old Iron Gate. They wanted scrutiny to protect their lush landscape from foraging predators. And also a secure barrier for peace of mind from thieves and burglars. They desired a hand-crafted type of fence and gate design.

All the picket material was edge hammered. The e-scrolls had fishtail ends plus the collars wrapped around pickets and scrolls to add an authentic detail. The scrolls along the bottom were hand forged to add their level of detail.

The property had it’s level of challenges with grade changes. The gate entrance had one existing pier that need to be replicated. The municipality had strict requirements for fence heights and foot print of foundations. The fence front could not be more that 5′ tall and the front grade had a big swoop, which would have been an eyesore. We designed an alternative that had the fence maintaining a consistent angle from end to end. And the radius of the street complicated challenges even further. With consistent dialogue between our team, landscape designer and client, transitioning swoops were strategically placed to have the best visual impact.

With the husband working out of state, they needed a technology that he could monitor remotely to keep an eye on the gate activity. With an app on his phone, the infra-red camera at the call box can be accessed and monitored.

The entire project spanned about 3 years til the driveway gate and property fence were completed. But when done, the clients have great authentic fence design in an alloy that will withstand the elements to portray beauty and elegance. And great security for this phenomenal Saddle River, NJ property.

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