A couple was building an upscale diner in New Jersey on a cliff with awesome views of the New York skyline. They got design inspiration from the architecture of the Biltmore mansion in North Carolina. While the cliff provided panoramic views, it also created a hazard that had to be dealt with a very rigid security fence. The challenge was to also make the security fence very aesthetically pleasing, complementing the caliber of design of the diner.

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A custom pool security fence can create symmetry in landscape design and architecture to enhance visual harmony in a family’s private sanctuary.

A wrought iron privacy fence can provide added peace of mind and perimeter security for exceptional homes of high-net-worth individuals.

A custom wrought iron fence gives the landscape architect, client, or designer the luxury of dictating their unique design expression. They can select the size, pattern, and detail of design elements, ultimately enhancing the curb value with an aesthetically pleasing, yet rigid and secure property security fence.