The client requested a driveway gate in solid aluminum based on a grainy photo of an old sketch. We did our research and found that the iron gate made off the original fence originated in England in 1861. The original piece was cast iron, created with molds that have long since been destroyed or lost. Utilizing a combination of forgings, castings, and bar stock, we replicated the cast iron look in aluminum.

Driveway and Predestrian Gates

Driveway Gates

Driveway gates, being the first thing a visitor sees, can provide a phenomenal design opportunity to incorporate a special awe to the property's grandeur. And, by utilizing the correct alloy, specifying proper finishing specification and incorporating tried and tested gate hinges, a well-designed estate gate can continue to provide that AWE for many years to come.

Pedestrian Gates

An ornate pedestrian gate provides beauty, accessibility, and security to pool areas, special passageways, and private gated areas. They can be utilized to enhance a property architecture, while keeping the kids out the of pool, and keeping the dogs in the back yard.... or whatever the need may be!