For this New Jersey project the client requested a driveway gate in solid aluminum based on a grainy photo of an old sketch. We did our research and found the Iron gate that was made off the original fence, it originated in England in 1861. The original piece was cast Iron, created with molds that have long since been destroyed or lost. Utilizing a combination of forgings, castings, and bar stock, we replicated the cast iron look in aluminum.

Gate Gallery

An Iron Front Gate creates a barrier for any unwanted guests, burglars, thieves or unsavory characters to enter the property. The security and privacy of an automatic driveway gate allows for families to relax in private, for companies to function unhindered by outside influences that attempt to gain physical access to a private domain.

A driveway gate also provides phenomenal design opportunity to incorporate local architectural interests and landscape characteristics into the visual first impressions of any guest or passerby. By utilizing the correct alloy, specifying proper finishing specification and incorporating tried and tested gate hinges, a well-designed estate gate can provide beauty and function for many years to come, for multiple generations of family to fulfill their lifestyle and pursuit of happiness.